Hirayu Bus Terminal

Hirayu Bus Terminal has restaurant,hot spring spa, gift shop.They provide the various services of bus transportation from major cities in Hida Takayama area.
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日本を代表する山岳景勝地 上高地

Kamikochi is an idyllic valley high up and the most famous alpine sightseeing destination the Northern Japanese Alps. Kappa Bridge is the symbol of Kamikochi where is a wooden suspension bridge located at the centre of Kamikochi.The view of Hodaka Mountains, Mt Yake, the River Azusa, and willows from the bridge is stunningly beautiful.


15th.Apl~15th.Nov(closed doe to the rough weather/closed in winter)


Mt. Norikura-dake

The highest point is the Kengamine pinnacle, 3,026 meters above sea level. You can travel up the mountain along the Norikura Skyline, Japan’s highest-altitude mountain road, to a height of 2,700 meters without stopping.There is a flower garden where an esplanade was maintained around Tatamidaira. You can enjoy a wall of snow (the picture right) until the middle of June.


15th.May~30th.Oct(closed doe to the rough weather/closed in winter)

The Bus is useful for getting around various places within
Takayama,Shinhodaka ropeways.(You can drive. )

The city called little Kyoto has a long history and culture.
(about 60min by car or bus)

A double-decker ropeway climbs up Nishi-hotaka Mountain, surrounded by 3000m high mountains of the North Alps.The last station is at 2156 meter elevation where an observation deck provides a splendid view on a clear sunny day.It gives excellent view of Northern Japanese Alps.
(about 30min by car or bus)

Shirakawago is a World Heritage “gassho-zukuri” farmhouse village.
(about 90min by car or bus)


Hirayu Skiing grounds

Hirayu Skiing grounds

The base elevation is 1300 metres
with the top elevation being 1800 metres.

Family couse for beginner

Course Length:500M
Average slope:15°

Yunohira course

Course Length:2500M
Maximum slope:30°

Giant course for advanced

Course Length:1500M
Maxmum slope:36°
Average slope:27°



You can enjoy a real outdoor at more than 40,000 square meters of vast campsite in the Chubusangaku National Park.There are free sites,a bungalows,permanent tents.